Engine & Transmission Additive

An internal combustion engine is composed of many intricately connected moving parts working with systems of measured gears, shafts, belts and other moving metal parts.  Adequate lubrication is required to allow these interconnected components to drive each other and "float" on a viscous surface that doesn't add heat to the system.  Heat is the enemy of an engine, since heat causes metal parts to expand, warp, and - in worst cases - shear off and break down. 

Oil is an ideal substance, whether created naturally or synthetically.  The properties of oil allow this substance to lubricate metallic parts without breaking them down, getting too hot, or even expanding much when heated.  This creates a very sustainable environment with machinery spinning and grinding against each other at thousands of cycles per minute.  

Oil also protects metal components from rust, since oil is hydrophobic and water cannot mix with oil.  In an engine, water is a poor lubricant; it expands and becomes compressed in a gaseous form (steam), and freezes and compresses when brought to a solid state (ice).  In short, oil does a nice job of keeping machinery clean as well as reducing friction at high temps and speeds.  

But what if you could take oil one big step further?  

The ELEV8 Difference

Through nanotechnology, ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment bonds to metal parts when added to the engine along with engine oil.  It fills in the microscopic imperfections in machined, moving parts to greatly reduce friction and prevent slippage, and allows moving parts to work more seamlessly at higher speeds and temperatures. Centripetal force can push oil away from the parts that need it for protection at greater speeds and temperatures. In contrast, ELEV8 bonds to moving parts to significantly reduce friction and heat. This in turn significantly improves mileage, horsepower, torque, engine life, emissions, and load capacity and other parameters versus not only oil alone but other powertrain and engine treatments when they are mixed with oil. 

ELEV8 Performance oil additive can be used on all types of engines that use motor oil: 

Personal vehicles, Luxury/sports cars, Motorsport Big rig trucks, Military vehicles, Fleet vehicles, Agriculture Heavy equipment, Personal boats, Ocean liners, Yard equipment, and Many more! 

Engineered for Performance

ELEV8 Performance has been designed to deliver nanotechnology-based particles to the places they are needed in your powertrain via the engine oil you normally use.  Acceptable for both synthetic and or non-synthetic motor oil (or a mixture of both), these particles are carried by the oil to fill in the microscopic imperfections of the moving metal parts and bond to them, creating a protective, friction-reducing layer.  

This additive not only reduces friction, but also eliminates nearly imperceptible mechanical lag between moving parts to create a much more seamless mechanical connection between moving parts. The result is an increase in horsepower, fuel economy, torque & more! In addition, the increased engine efficiency will also generate a reduction in emissions as well as an increase in engine life and more running hours between repairs and parts replacements.  

ELEV8 Performance has been tested in lab conditions and has outperformed 7 of its closest competitors. In fact, results showed it was the only treatment that did not result in engine failure through extensive testing at increasing levels of loads and resistance! 

Microscopic and Large Scale Improvement

ELEV8 Performance oil additive is a sustainable product but also works hard to reduce emissions and pollutants. This is the direct result of not only a cleaner, more efficiently running internal combustion engine and improved mileage, but also a long-term reduction in the need for replacement parts that need to be forged from mined materials, machined, and transported from what could be a distance of thousands of miles. ELEV8 Performance is changing the way we think about engines not only on the microscopic level, but a macroscopic world view level as well.