ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment - 1 Gallon Jug

ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment - 1 Gallon Jug

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ELEV8 – The Ultimate Transmission Fluid Treatment 

If you really want to maximize your ride's performance, use ELEV8 in all parts of your powertrain: engine, transmission and differential. ELEV8's nano particles will fill in the microscopic imperfections of - and bond to - your transmission's moving metal parts, including the pump, planetary gear set, torque converter and clutches. This will make the parts ultra-smooth, reducing friction and heat and increasing the efficiency and life of your transmission 


Benefits of ELEV8 

  • Reduced friction and heat 
  • Increased horsepower 
  • Improved fuel economy 
  • Improved torque 
  • Increased load capacity 
  • Reduced wear 
  • Reduced emissions 
  • Significant money saved 


How to Use 

ELEV8 is not only the ideal engine treatment but the ideal transmission fluid treatment. The perfect time to add ELEV8 to your transmission is when you change your transmission fluid.  ELEV8 should be mixed with transmission fluid in a 1:8 ratio with a manual transmission, or a 1:64 ratio with an automatic transmission. This means that if your manual transmission takes 16 quarts of fluid, you should use 2 quarts of ELEV8; if you have an automatic transmission that takes 16 quarts of fluid, you should use 4 ounces of ELEV8.  


When using ELEV8 in your differential or transfer case, it should be used in a 1:16 ratio with differential or transfer case fluid for under 80 weight oil and a 1:8 ratio for 80 weight oil and up. 


Elev8 is also available in ounce, 16 ounce, 32 oz, and 5 gallon sizes. 


So don't just add ELEV8 to your engine – Add it to your transmission and differential, and REALLY take back your power!