ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment - 16oz Bottle

ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment - 16oz Bottle

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ELEV8 Performance Engine Treatment

Over time, and thousands of revolutions per minute, parts will begin to wear out, causing significant problems with your engine. Eventually, this wear will lead to loss of horsepower, leaking, reduced efficiency, and components of your drivetrain wearing out. 

To extend the life of your vehicle, you need a high-performance engine treatment that can take the heat and reduce wear on your vehicle. Elev8 Powertrain Treatment has been designed to work with your engine's oil to fill in the friction causing gaps at a microscopic level. The bits of dirt, metal shavings, and even water have less of a chance of getting in-between these parts to create erosion on gears and anything else that sits in oil.   

Benefits of ELEV8

  • Reduced friction and heat 
  • Increased horsepower 
  • Improved fuel economy 
  • Improved torque 
  • Increased load capacity 
  • Reduced wear 
  • Reduced emissions 
  • Significant money saved 

How To Use ELEV8

Add our engine treatment to your engine, transmission, or differential each time you change your oil. 2 ounces of ELEV8 should be poured into the oil fill port along with every quart of motor oil. The portion of ELEV8 that is left over can be used again during your next oil change. 

If you're using ELEV8 in your transmission, it should be used in a 1:8 ratio for a manual transmission and a 1:64 ratio for an automatic transmission. If you're using ELEV8 in your differential or transfer case, it should be used in a 1:16 ratio for under 80 weight oil and a 1:8 ratio for 80 weight oil and up. 

The engine treatment will go right to work coating and protecting your engine's moving parts from wear, friction, and damage. 


ELEV8 is available in 8 ounce bottles, 16 ounce bottles, 32 ounce, one gallon jugs, as well as a 5 gallon bucket. This additive is great for older vehicles as well as vehicles that get a lot of use on the road. If you have been looking for an engine and motor treatment for sale to keep you on the road, ELEV8 is what you need. 

Shop Elev8 Powertrain engine treatment today and extend the life of your vehicle!