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ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment - 8oz Bottle

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The ELEV8 Performance Difference

ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment has been specially formulated to reduce the friction in your engine, transmission and differential. This engine oil additive has been designed to significantly improve your vehicle's performance. ELEV8 works by filling in the friction-causing microscopic imperfections in your powertrain parts bonding with the metal. The resulting impact on your vehicle ensures better wear and a longer life. Keeping your powertrain in good condition will also save money in the long run on expensive repairs and replacements.

A Hazardous Environment

With dozens of moving parts at thousands of revolutions per minute, heat and friction will begin to take its toll on your engine. Whenever you run your engine, microscopic pieces of sheared metal, dirt, and even water and fuel will begin to eat away at your powertrain. This will eventually lead to loss of power and eventually cause your powertrain parts to wear out and fail.

Regular oil changes and maintenance are critical when it comes to proper care and handling of your vehicle. Though use of a good engine oil additive, you can reduce the damage done to your vehicle's powertrain. Parts wear out and things break down.


Benefits of ELEV8

  • Reduce friction and heat
  • Increase horsepower
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Improve torque
  • Increase load capacity
  • Reduce wear
  • Reduce emissions
  • Save money

How to Use

The ideal time to add ELEV8 oil additive to your engine is when you change your oil.  Simply pour one 8 ounce engine oil additive bottle right into the oil fill port along with your motor oil in a 1:16 ratio, which means you should use 2 ounces of ELEV8 for every quart of oil. An 8 ounce bottle of ELEV8 is perfect for smaller cars that take 4 quarts of oil. If your engine takes 5 or more quarts of oil, you'll want to purchase either a 16 ounce or 32 ounce bottle.  Any leftover ELEV8 can be used later when you add oil to the engine; just use 2 ounces of ELEV8 for every quart of oil you add.

If you're using ELEV8 in your transmission, it should be used in a 1:8 ratio (4 ounces per quart) for a manual transmission and a 1:64 ratio (1/2 ounce per quart) for an automatic transmission. If you're using ELEV8 in your differential or transfer case, it should be used in a 1:16 ratio (2 ounces per quart) for under 80 weight oil and a 1:8 ratio (4 ounces per quart) for 80 weight oil and up.

ELEV8 Powertrain Treatment will start going right to work, protecting the vital moving parts of your vehicle's powertrain. Regular use of ELEV8 can also improve the life of your powertrain as well as reduce emissions over the lifetime of your vehicle. Our engine oil additive is also for sale in 1ounce, 32 ounce, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes. 

Don't rely on oil alone! Optimize your vehicle's performance by adding ELEV8 to your engine, transmission and differential during your next oil change.